Why Donald Trump Is In Danger

The beaten establishment fights on both sides of the Atlantic against President-elected Donald Trump: there are demonstrations in the US funded by George Soros and petitions on Soros-supported platforms everybody could sign adressing f.e. the Electoral College. The media – better called the war propaganda machine – play a key role in the U.S. as well as in Europa, and so do social media. When you are familiar with crowds chanting „no border – no nation“ in Europe (which really means give the state up) wearing the rainbow flag and communist symbols videos and pictures from the U.S. seem like a flash back.

And when critical interviewers try to ask these people why they hate trump the same strange collection of phrases comes as reply as we know when folks are against government and for „refugees“ (illegal immigrants) „welcome“. Very often each kind of political fact-based discussion is denied, either in the streets, at debate meetings, press conferences or in the net. Together with the function of media as part of a war machine it seams clear that a generation of political analphabets falsely claim to be political thinkers and relies completely on the filter bubble it lives in. From the world’s perspective a few days of Donald Trump as President-elected have done more for peace than eight years of Obama presidency. Trump and Putin can and will cooperate on a fair and equal base as  both are clever strategists (see this German analysis).

Trump is framed by the propaganda machine (the „echo chamber“ as John Pilger puts it) like Vladimir Putin or the Hungarian President Viktor Orban, who was the first European leader to congratulate him. There is always a set of negative habits and features to draw an image which should distract the audiences‘ attention from hard facts: lunatic, arrogant, narcistic, crazy, unreasonable, unexperienced, unfit to serve – and of course homophob, racist, misogynist, right wing populist. When it comes down to political positions it turns out Trump has more „leftist“ offers for the working class (as Mr. Orbans party Fidesz as a Hungarian MP told me recently). When portrayed as dark as possible, the inhibition level is dramatically sinking to wish someone you don’t know personally the worst possible – which explains all these death threats to Trump.


Women are mobilized ageinst Trump

It sould be taken seriously that media (the war machine) reports in an easy, mocking tone about threats on twitter as the same „media“ are furious when some frustrated folks without the possiblity to take action post against candidates of the globalists. For those who still wonder why „transatlantic media“ are suddenly „anti-american“ a short explanation: the globalists of course are „transatlantic“ but belong to the „deep state“, the shadow government of the military industrial complex, the think tanks, the neocons, the intelligence agencies (with some important exceptions), George Soros and others. At the moment this „deep state“ is stronger in Europe than in the U.S. which makes clear why German chancellor Angela Merkel and others now seem to be critical while being silent on the drone war, extraordinary rendition, mass surveillance, the coup in the Ukraine, Libya, Syria etc.

While the propaganda machine focuses f.e. on „Trumps sexism“ and moans that women still don’t have the chance to break through the glass ceiling (sometimes „white women voting for Trump“ get the blame) intelligence insiders like Steve Pieczenik tell us another story: Clinton is not only a symbol for a corrupt elite (watch Clinton Cash) she serves foreign interests and the interests of globalists like George Soros. Her „right hand“ Huma Abedin is identified by the intelligence community as being carefully planted beside Hillary Clinton and working for the Saudis (who are important donors for the Clinton campaign as well as for the Clinton Foundation). As HRC has Parkinsons‘ Disease Abedin practically would have been the President of the United States together with others like Tim Kaine (runned as Vice President) who has Soros-ties as the Clintons themselves.

It might be like a cold shower for feminists that Hillary is a complete fake but Pieczenik has some comfort as „men and women“ in the intelligence community responded to the „Clinton coup“ with a „counter coup“ f.e. in supplying Wikileaks with a constant stream of leaked e-mails. These people were ready to organize protests against Clinton if she were elected despite all the leaked information and FBI / NYPD investigations. What we experience now is the color revolution scheme carried out in the U.S. by Soros‘ straw men. It is important to understand that on our side of the ocean the „Soros youth“ cries „no border no nation“ and that the so-called civil society is completely taken over.  I showed various Soros-links through NGOs, projets, networks on national, European, international level, sponsoring of conferences, inviting „experts“ working for Soros, influential persons on the boards of Soros-foundations (Open Society Foundations, Pasos, Project Syndicate etc.)

trudeausorosEszra Levant: Canadian Premier Trudeau between Mentor Soros and the U.S.

All these Soros activities pursue the goal of abandoning borders and nation states as everybody should live whereever he or she wants to live. This is the end of state sovereignty, of civil liberties and ecomonic security as no state structure can provide all immigrants with housing, welfare, education, jobs. People protesting against Trump and against reasonable European politicians demonstrate against themselves and their fellow citizens, they are anti: anti American, anti German, anti Austrian… Soros and his front organizations tell them „no human is illegal“ and „all are just humans“ and have to get everything from us – except they are citzens in need. Soros is against citizenship and identity as a  (male or female) person and as a citizen which is covered in LGBT-, pro choice -, against „hate speech“, „welcome refugees„- and other activities. The goal is destabilisation – in the U.S. also by keeping the war machine going, in Europe by letting welfare systems collapse in feeding illegal immigrants.

As Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau (see Twitter screenshot above) the new Austrian chancellor Christian Kern (who was welcomed by „welcomers“ when he entered office in May 2016) has Soros-ties. Alexander Soros, who works for his fathers‘ aims, visited him in July and posted this on Instagram. Neither the chancellors office nor the Social Democrats were willing to comment though I offered them informations on Soros‘ activities I had collected over several months. It seems that Kern (like many others) tries to get through the turmoil of these days without being too clear on the globalists‘ side where be belongs to. Kern was pushed and favored by the war propaganda machine called MSM because chancellor Werner Faymann wanted to stop illegal immigration (in Europe a complete stop of this kind of – Soros-supported – immigration is impossible as fences are only partly existing).

The „own“ joung Social Democrats (completely taken over) labelled Faymann and the new defense minister Hans Peter Doskozil being responsible for death in the Mediterrian Sea which is some safe (mostly EU) countries away. Scenes from protests against Faymann on the 1st of May in Vienna are similar to pictures of „anger“ about Trump in the U.S. It is necessary to know that there is one always slightly differing blueprint for all kind of regime change or color revolution actions. Pictures and videos (see here some from an „open the borders“-manifestation in Vienna) are easy to understand everywhere and Google Translate etc. help with articles. The political analphabets or Pawlows dogs in the streets of America and Europe and in the net live in a bubble where the creation of safe space for words helps against everything. People who have lost their jobs just should not „envy“ immigrants what they get or are „afraid“, and these manipulated kids think a pedagogic approach instead of practical improvement could „heal“ them.

mrajeshMonisha Rajesh war nicht die Einzige

Trump is for a new Glass-Steagall banking law, he does not endorse the official 9/11 conspiracy theory and in contrast to the war machine’s „media“ the relations to Russia are far better since election day. The massive NATO build up against Russia was a severe threat to the future of the European population which might be one reason why the anti Trump propaganda was and is so massive in Europe. As a result only a few said in surveys Trump could win and few think at the moment he can be a good president. Of course the harsh reaction of the globalist owned German „government“ (and that chancellor Merkel should now be „the last Liberal„) might hurt Trump on a personal level as he is of German descent. This parallels behaviour against Putin who also speaks German as he was once stationated in Leipzig and likes Germany and Austria.

The „journalíst“ who called for a „presidential assassination“ has in the meantime been fired by the „Guardian“ but others remain unconfronted. Perhaps these naive brainwashed people now realize death threats are no joke and get them in the focus of the Secret Service, which already has advised Trump to wear bulletproof vests. When Austria (military neutral by constitutional law since 1955) had a defense minister who was against the missile shield (directed against Russia), didn’t believe the official 9/11 story like Mr. Trump and was against Austrian participation in combat missions (and as a Social Democrat against deregulation, social cuts and interventionism see the „third way“ of Blair and Schröder) threats were also part of the game in the shadow: Norbert Darabos (now Social Secretary in the region Burgenland and still under pressure) was not from the always very transatlantic/globalist red youth organisations but began his career on the community level in his village, one of several with a high percentage of croatian population.

He was a very successful election campaign manager who gained the Presidency and the Chancellor for his party. This brought him as a „reward“ into the defense ministry where he was denounced by the globalist media from the first moment. At the age of 24 he was civil servant because he critized the army as being under covert NATO influence; as a Member of Parliament he was active in the Defense Committee (this didn’t count). The negative image of Darabos should cover up that he was sealed off, under total surveillance and threatened (character assassination and that he should fear for his and his childrens „health“).

The war propaganda machine successfully lied about his true situation with the picture of a former civil servant who has „no interest“ in the military so even the chief of general staff had no direct contact to him. It is revealing that a diplomatic cable from US embassy Vienna he was described as „ambitious“ (what could be next if he is yet Defense Secretary? Chancellor?) and they mentioned that his son suffered from injuries after a car accident in the U.S (a warning?) five month before the cable was written. The globalists‘ influence in Austria is so total that I as a real journalist was the only one writing about Darabos‘ situation and trying to make the office of public prosecutor act (of course in vain). Darabos and I have the same ememies as President-elect Donald Trump so I knew very well what is at stake for a President who wants no war and respects other countries‘ sovereignty.

10 Kommentare zu „Why Donald Trump Is In Danger

  1. gehts auch auf deutsch? kann zwar (schul-) englisch, hab aber nicht die zeit, mich durch den ganzen artikel zu beißen. danke.
    und sonst: ganz deiner meinung, aber die themen, kürzer gefasst, ziehe ich vor.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Auch gruselig:

    Veröffentlicht am 09.11.2016

    On the day of Donald Trump’s Presidential Election, Marilyn Manson releases SICK Illuminati Satanic Ritual Footage.

    The video shows the apparent assassination of Mr. Trump along with evil occult Luciferian witchcraft, blasphemy of the Bible and imagery of Apollyon the Destroyer.

    Gefällt mir

      1. … nur weil manche munkeln, daß auch Donald Trump Illuminat und 32. ° Freimaurer sei – in dem Fall ist es mir egal. Auch von Kennedy kommt aus einer illuminierten Famile und er war ein Guter! Auch Haider war ein Freimaurer und hatte die Nase voll von ihnen und hat anders gehandelt, als sie es wollten und beide brachte man um!

        Und auch wenn der ‚Euro-med‚ sagt, daß Trump die These zur Antithese oder andersherum ist, es ist mir egal, denn ich meine, diesmal haben wir keine andere und keine bessere Wahl. Trump hat auch von Obama gesagt, er sei ‚a good man‘.
        Und ja, er macht gerne dieses 666 Handzeichen, aber in dem Fall bin ich geneigt darüber hinwegzusehen… und es nicht überzubewerten.

        Wie bizarr ist das denn? Da heißt es: Gut, wir sind durch die Wahl zwar dem 3. Weltkrieg entronnen, aber der ‚Psychopath‘ Trump sein dennoch ein Satanist und der Euromed singt lieber ein Lied mit James Corbet auf die ‚Liebe’…? Schön wenn man angesichts der Dramatik sich so über die Dinge erheben kann…

        Ich finde auch diesen Alex Jones Kommentar bemerkenswert:

        Ja, vielleicht ist auch Jones ausgestiegen aus dem ‚Club‘.

        Aber angesichts der kriminelle Energie des Clinton-Clans ist nichts ausgeschlossen… auch wenn ich es nicht hoffe.
        Sie haben – so sieht es jedenfalls aus – auch Kennedys Sohn auf dem Gewissen!

        Gefällt mir

      2. man kann sicher von einem detail zum nächsten kommen, weiss aber nicht, was hinter den kulissen vor sich geht und was nun wirklich die richtung vorgibt, wenn es etwas davon tut…

        Gefällt mir

    1. #SOS

      The posted video reveals a lot, indeed. On the other hand: Things are never as bad as they seem, naturally. It may by all means be some sort of life insurance or even a preview of the same old fucking game: Might is right.

      Anyway, to wait and see with opened eyes and ears is from now on in order ! Have a nice Sunday !

      WKR, Otto Just

      Gefällt mir

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