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One Billion Rising oder falsche Heldinnen

Ausgehend von Eve Ensler, der Autorin der „Vagina-Monologe“ fand One Billion Rising gegen Gewalt am Valentinstag 2013 zum ersten Mal statt. Jedes Jahr tanzen Frauen und Mädchen in vielen Ländern der Welt unter einem anderen Motto; diesmal geht es um Ausbeutung. In Wien bezeichnen sich die Veranstalterinnen selbst (hoffentlich ironisch) als Superheldinnen, gehören aber zu einer vollkommen übernommenen Szene. Man muss Ensler und Beschreibungen auf der OBR-Webseite sorgfältig lesen um zu verstehen, dass die geforderte „Revolution“ in Richtung „Kollektivismus“ gehen soll.

Es wird nämlich beklagt, dass kollektivistische Gesellschaftsformen zu Lasten der Frauen verlorengegangen sind. Von daher ist es auch keine Überraschung, dass Ensler den üblichen Narrativ gegen Donald Trump vertritt und „Toleranz“ gegenüber muslimischen Männern predigt. Liest man jüngere Kommentare von ihr, fällt auf, dass sie zu 100 % aus Propaganda und zu 0 % aus Fakten bestehen. Unter dem Eindruck von mehr als polemischen Angriffen auf Trump hat Helena Glass eine Liste von Hollywood-Leuten erstellt, die man boykottieren sollte, weil sie die Agenda von George Soros vertreten, inklusive Eve Ensler.


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Why Donald Trump Is In Danger

The beaten establishment fights on both sides of the Atlantic against President-elected Donald Trump: there are demonstrations in the US funded by George Soros and petitions on Soros-supported platforms everybody could sign adressing f.e. the Electoral College. The media – better called the war propaganda machine – play a key role in the U.S. as well as in Europa, and so do social media. When you are familiar with crowds chanting „no border – no nation“ in Europe (which really means give the state up) wearing the rainbow flag and communist symbols videos and pictures from the U.S. seem like a flash back.

And when critical interviewers try to ask these people why they hate trump the same strange collection of phrases comes as reply as we know when folks are against government and for „refugees“ (illegal immigrants) „welcome“. Very often each kind of political fact-based discussion is denied, either in the streets, at debate meetings, press conferences or in the net. Together with the function of media as part of a war machine it seams clear that a generation of political analphabets falsely claim to be political thinkers and relies completely on the filter bubble it lives in. From the world’s perspective a few days of Donald Trump as President-elected have done more for peace than eight years of Obama presidency. Trump and Putin can and will cooperate on a fair and equal base as  both are clever strategists (see this German analysis).

Trump is framed by the propaganda machine (the „echo chamber“ as John Pilger puts it) like Vladimir Putin or the Hungarian President Viktor Orban, who was the first European leader to congratulate him. There is always a set of negative habits and features to draw an image which should distract the audiences‘ attention from hard facts: lunatic, arrogant, narcistic, crazy, unreasonable, unexperienced, unfit to serve – and of course homophob, racist, misogynist, right wing populist. When it comes down to political positions it turns out Trump has more „leftist“ offers for the working class (as Mr. Orbans party Fidesz as a Hungarian MP told me recently). When portrayed as dark as possible, the inhibition level is dramatically sinking to wish someone you don’t know personally the worst possible – which explains all these death threats to Trump.


Women are mobilized ageinst Trump

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