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After the Plandemic: Will Symbolism be their Downfall?

Are these the days when the people win over the Deep State or is the New World Order completed without any hope for us? When governments and media seem fabricated and designed at one common source it seems naive to fall for „hopium“. But what if Donald Trump stands up against the globalists but has to move step by step, playing 5 D chess? It is possible because for example firing somebody at the false point weakens you; there is no choice than hiding some of your goals. And there is another reason because Trump is supported by Q which means a growing community that is under attack now. Typically others joke about „how easily people are manipulated“ though they themselves are a good example. There are trolls among them (inevitable – there is no membership) but many are just connecting dots and seem to have a big heart. They stand up against evil networks which also have something to do with the plandemic. Within three days about 5 million people watched the documentary „Out of Shadows“ on fake news, Hollywood, Mind Control, pedophilia and Satanism. The former stuntman Mike Smith shows us how he took first everything for granted and then had time to do some research after he was injured. He encourages us to do our own work and it is not very hard to find pieces we can put together.

In the documentary Marina Abramovic is shown who „trained“ Lady Gaga; Gaga now raises funds for people hit by the plandemic and attented a WHO press conference. Abramovic is starring in a new Microsoft commercial which is now „private“ because of 99 % negative comments. Of course Microsoft did it on purpose, and we can follow Abramovic into the rabbit hole – she was connected to the Ordo Templi Orientis when she lived in Serbia. Michael Bertigaux (a Canadian Communist living in Yugoslavia) from the O.T.O. Antiqua called „Satanic artwork“ therapeutic for artists who have been „brainwashed“ by a puritanical version of Christian ethics. And then there was the clinical psychologist Zivorad Mihajlovic-Slavinski who began focussing on the occult (and on esoteric) in the 1970s and founded the Psychotronics Association which made him some kind of spiritual pionieer in Yugoslavia. Slavinski was active in the O.T.O. Antiqua and joined Kenneth Angers Typhonian O.T.O. in the 1990s; Anger is known for films like „Lucifer Rising“ which refers to ancient gods and goddesses (but also for „Hollywood Babylon“ or „Rabbit’s Moon“). Anger (who recieved grants from the Ford Foundation once) and his friend Alfred Kinsey were fascinated by Aleister Crowley and visited the remains of Thelema Abbey in Sicily; Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin who participated in „Lucifer Rising“ bought Crowleys rather creepy Boleskine House in Scotland. „Lucifer Rising“ refers to Crowley predicting a new Aeon, that of Horus whose eye symbolism can be seen f.e. in Kate Perrys clip „Dark Horse“.  Anton Szandor LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, was present in „Lucifer Rising“ together with his daughter. As Mike Smith explains in „Out of Shadows“ the occult and the manipulation of the masses have often roots in military and intelligence. See f.e. the „Temple of Set“ founded by Michael Aquino, the „second Beast 666 after Crowley“, which was established after a  conflict with LaVey. Aquinos background is psychological warfare as a military intelligence officer.

Out of Shadows


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Blumenkinder, bunte Demos, Lichtermeere: Das sind PsyOps

Wer sich im Sommer 2015 auf Bahnhöfen versammelte, um Flüchtlinge willkommen zu heissen, nahm an, vollkommen eigenständig und aus einem tiefen menschlichen Bedürfnis heraus zu handeln. Doch in Wahrheit war sie oder er Teil einer psychologischen Operation, die nach dem Muster abläuft, nach dem während des Vietnam-Krieges die Hippiebewegung geschaffen wurde. Auch wenn es „bunte“ Demos oder Lichtermeere gibt bzw. Kundgebungen anderer gestört werden, haben wir es mit instrumentalisierten Menschen zu tun. Zum Verständnis ist es notwendig, einen Blick ins Jahr 1965 zu werfen, als es an der Michigan State University das erste Teach In der Geschichte gab. Zuerst 3000 und dann immerhin noch 500 Menschen versammelten sich, um 24 Stunden lang gegen den Krieg zu reden. Im selben Jahr wurde in Kalifornien mit den Söhnen und Töchtern von im Militär- und Geheimdienstapparat beschäftigten Familien eine neue Musikszene hochgezogen, die für sogenannte Blumenkinder attraktiv war.

Aus dem Teach In hätte eine ernsthafte und erfolgreiche Antikriegsbewegung entstehen können, doch mit neuen Bands, für damalige Verhältnisse provokant gekleideten jungen ännerrn und Frauen und nicht zuletzt mit Drogen wurde davon abgelenkt. Es gab zwar weitere Veranstaltungen, doch was protestierende Studenten vorhatten und hier von Mario Salvio formuliert wurde, hat man mit Flower Power aus der Retorte entscheidend geschwächt: „I have a naive belief in the generosity of our fellow-countrymen. If they knew the facts, with even the incredible lack of clarity that we have, I believe they would move to affect their government in such a way as to change its policy. But they don’t know the facts, and from our own experience we can see why. Consider something very close to home: what happened on campus last semester. And consider the way it was reported in the press. Consider that. Now I had never, before that, been able to compare an important historic event with the way it was reported, because I’d never been in on any important historic event, because I was only a citizen. But last semester I was engaged in causing important historic events. We all were. And we all had the opportunity to see just what those events were. And there was no comparison, or only a very slight comparison, which could be drawn between the reporting and the events.“

U.a. von den Grünen auf Twitter geteilt (2.2.2018)

Blumenkinder, bunte Demos, Lichtermeere: Das sind PsyOps weiterlesen