What’s wrong with Oleg Deripaska?

On the 19th of October reports came up that the FBI raided US homes of Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska on charges like money laundering and blackmail. Earlier claims of the Treasury Department emphasized that he threatened the lives of business rivals, ordered the murder of a businessman, took part in extortion, racketeering and illegal wiretapping and belongs to a Russian organized crime group. But Deripaska who defined his role once as acting unseparable from the Russian state took part in a multilevel Russian influence operation around the 2016 US presidential election. His business partner Paul Manafort who owed him several million Dollar was for several months Donald Trump’s campaign manager. When Manafort lobbyed for the Putin friendly Ukrainian government prior to 2014, he was joined by former Austrian chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer. I did a lot of research on Deripaskas network in Austria and the covert Russian strategy unfolding with it; another word for it would be „multilevel Russian influence operation“.

In 2007 Deripaska visited Vienna with Vladimir Putin to acquire shares of construction company Strabag; he demanded a seat in Strabag’s advisory board for Siegfried Wolf who was the CEO of Magna where Deripaska also became partner. The then chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer in 2010 was elected chairman of the advisory board, which Wolf left in 2015. The shares which Deripaska bought were from Raiffeisen who still is partner in Strabag; the deputy chairman of the advisory board is Erwin Hameseder from Raiffeisen. The screenshot below shows a photo of Deripaska the Denver Gazette first used in front of the GAZ factory which was once owned by the Russian state when Magna in 1998 began to cooperate with it. Now Siegfried Wolf is Deripaskas business partner and has bought the MAN factory in Steyr in Upper Austria. Gusenbauer took part in Manafort’s Ukraine Lobbying and in Austria he and Wolf pushed Rene Benko of Signa Holding who bought the Chrysler Building and was represented by Skadden, another Ukraine Lobbying Partner.

Deripaska and GAZ

There is a NY court case of the Brazilian mining company Vale against Israeli tycoon Beny Steinmetz. As they don’t believe Benko is only his former business partner the filing refers to Benko as well. Benko by the way married in Deripaskas most expensive luxury ski hotel Aurelio in Lech am Arlberg/Austria in 2010 and now owns the luxury Chalet N in Lech which is open for exclusive (Russian?) guests (he also owns or leases hunting lodges for specific purposes). Deripaska acquired Aurelio in 2008 whose pro forma CEO is Vienna based lawyer Alexander Walther from London TMF company who administers many shell companies. Walther cooperates with Leopold Specht, lawyer and business partner of Gusenbauer with oligarch Elena Baturina among his clients. I did this analysis after former head of now liquidated Meinl Bank Peter Weinzierl was arrested in UK on behalf of US authorities on money laundering and bribery charges for Brazilian Odebrecht company. In reports on Brazilian shells in Vienna Russian shells are also mentioned, this is the connection.

TMF, Gazprom and others in Vienna

In 2017 then Austrian defense minister Hans Peter Doskozil attacked Airbus in a secretly planned campaign with Gusenbauer’s former Ukraine Lobbying Partners Skadden and FTI Consulting, a lobbying ferm. The reason behind it was a Russian-Chinese passenger jet that should break up the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing. By decree of President Putin in 2006 United Aircraft Corporation (OAK) was established; first VTB Bank bought 5 % shares of EADS (now Airbus) and then they went to OAK. In fact Austria bought the new Eurofighter Typhoon in 2003 because Russian MiG-29, which some favoured, would have drawn too much attention to what is going on here (and would have had specific maintenance costs). Of course Schüssel, who was chancellor from 2000 to 2006, knows Deripaska. Valentin Yumashev was the head of Boris Yeltsin’s office and helped Putin to become his successor. Then Yumashev married Yeltsin’s daughter Tatjana Dyachenko who was in 1999 mentioned in the US with money laundering accusations. Deripaska married Yumashev’s daughter Polina from his first marriage; in 2018 Deripaska was divorced. Yumashev was mentioned in the FinCEN files as well as Deripaska and others. There is surprisingly much connection between the FinCEN files and a relatively small country like Austria. In November 2008 when Gusenbauer was still in office as chancellor Deripaska (at that time the wealthiest Russian) wanted the Yumashevs being naturalized in Austria.

Wolf, Schüssel and Deripaska (from local newspaper)

In the same month Hans Peter Doskozil began to work in the office of the governor of Burgenland Hans Niessl. Then it was pretended that the Yumashevs live in a neglected house on Niessl’s daily route to Eisenstadt which was a blatant lie. Besides Gusenbauer, Specht, Niessl, Doskozil two Magna employees took part in this mission, Günther Apfalter (head of Magna Europe and Asia) and then Magna security chief Franz Schnabl (now head of the Social Democrats of Lower Austria) and in November 2009 the Yumashevs were granted citizenship. It even seems a decisive point that Doskozil was an accomplice in naturalizing the Yumashevs for Putin and Deripaska that he ‚qualified‘ for a political career. Niessl became governor in 2000 after a successful campaign of Burgenland Social Democrat party manager Norbert Darabos who in 2003 became party manager on national level (Gusenbauer in 2000 was elected as head of the SPÖ). According to the common media narrative Darabos would once follow Niessl but this was just for show and Doskozil became governor. In 2007 Gusenbauer was sworn in as chancellor and Darabos became defense minister but was sealed off, under total surveillance and pressure. Even ambassadors could hardly meet the minister and had to wait for a long time; it was said that the cabinet sealed itself off from NATO and its members. In fact the chain of command was undermined which included the control over military intelligence which deliberately failed to protect Darabos. A former secretary of the SPÖ’s parliamentary faction (whose head was Gusenbauer till 2007) became cabinet chief in order to block, if necessary threaten and smear people who had to talk to Darabos. The cabinet chief executed unlawful orders by foreign intelligence on Darabos‘ back and to harm Austria. There was a limited hangout in 2018 and afterwards when retired army officer Martin Möller was arrested on charges he is working for GRU. In fact Möller’s last six years in the defense ministry were the time when Darabos was driven out of the way in the ministry by foreign forces, so court, media, politics should have been interested if the Möller case is everything to see here. As I was among those who were „forbidden“ for Darabos I tried to find out what is going on and dealt with attacks and walls of silence. The jigsaw I put together became bigger and bigger as I did very much research on covert influence not only via oligarchs which lead me to the conclusion that Austria became a bridgehead for Putin and Russia. There are big companies active in many fields and countries like Strabag (started with construction), Magna (with car parts), Signa (with real estate), Novomatic (with gaming) which might be Russian fronts (or have turned into them) and there was a very strong Wirecard connection to Austria. The present Russian network was also built up with the old ties of the 1980’s.

Sberbank Europe in Vienna

The status quo is analyzed by me in articles like this. The deceased German author Jürgen Roth warned Austria not to open it’s doors to oligarchs like Deripaska who is linked to Russian mob as German courts say. Roth visited former MP Peter Pilz (Green Party) who in fact cooperates with Gusenbauer. This is a very interesting research on Deripaska, showing how Putin humiliated him and suggesting that he is accompanied by the GRU. Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash lives in Vienna and fights extradition to the US; his network can’t be separated from Deripaska’s. One small detail is that Firtash’s lawyer Dieter Böhmdorfer was justice minister of the Schüssel government and has Rene Benko among his clients; Firtash has ties to Wirecard and Jan Marsalek escaped the authorities with his private jet. Speculations that Wirecard might be a Russian front have to do with ties to Austria. Of course I can talk about every detail in English but I only wrote some texts in English like this one. The web which I discovered and described like putting jigsaw pieces together combines trade, political influence and subvoersion of institutions, different deals, espionage, organized crime and covert operations. And this is also how the „coup“ against chancellor Sebastian Kurz was orchestrated. All is based on subversion over many years which led to enemy forces occupying more and more offices and being able to manipulate many unwitting personnel; there are political parties and mass media with at least indirect connections to Deripaska and Putin. It seems as if the dire warnings of Yuri Bezmenov in the 1970s and 1980s became true…

Below there are some explanations about how to still stand up when you are under attack for your research with my phone number and my bank account for those who want to support me.

PS: Weil ich mich seit Jahren mit solchen Hintergründen befasse, wird mir sehr zugesetzt. Natürlich kommt man Drahtziehern im Hintergrund erst allmählich näher, weil sie über vorgeschickte Handlanger agieren. Diese Drahtzieher haben bei uns noch völlig freie Hand, sodass sie einem auch alles antun können und dann gedeckt werden. Auf diese Weise habe ich meine Wohnung und alles andere verloren, ich wurde arm gemacht und niedergehalten. Immer wieder stehen Tage an, an denen ich nicht mehr weiterweiss. Ich schreibe auch deshalb, weil mir die Netzwerke um Gusenbauer nicht auch noch meinen Geist rauben sollen; dies wurde dann dazu, dass ich diese Netzwerke enttarne.

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